Post Construction Cleaning

After the Dust Settles, It's Time to Remove Debris and Clean Up


Post construction cleaning is the final step in a renovation, remodel, or construction project.

A new renovation project is always exciting. A space that may have been dated or even damaged will look entirely different. It will be more functional and look great.

However, before it gets to that point, construction and renovation projects can create huge messes. That requires a lot of post construction cleaning work. The new spaces and the areas around them to be properly cleaned and sanitized after the construction work is done.

Here’s how to do the work right and make the new renovation and the construction site sparkle.


Post Construction Cleaning: Large Removals

At the end of any construction project, there will be large materials that need to be removed. This can be debris from the demolition and old installations such as toilets and showers. It can also be broken-up concrete and anything else that is large and on-site that is no longer necessary. These items tend to be harder to remove from the premises than regular trash. So, it will take special equipment and strategies to haul them away.

It might be that the debris is on an upper level of a building or in a difficult-to-access location. These issues can be largely mitigated during construction if the material is handled effectively. But that is not always possible. You may need cranes or even front loaders to get the items off the site.

Some of the most important pieces of equipment for removal during both the construction and cleanup are self dumping hoppers. These are large containers that can store debris. These hoppers can be moved via forklift to a dumpster for dumping. There is no need for human hands to touch it. This not only removes large amounts of post construction cleaning debris, but it is also a safer and more efficient removal method.

It’s important that this debris is removed entirely. Post renovation or construction debris can be a safety hazard on the job site.


Light Debris Removal

Once all the large debris is off the premises, you can move on to removing lighter debris. This can include any trash that has built up on the site. Such trash includes meal and coffee debris, packaging from equipment, and leftover materials such as scrap wood. Make sure to go through all new windows, doors, and other installations to remove brand stickers.


post construction cleaning with a professional wet dry vacuum cleaner


Using a wet/dry vacuum, remove any sawdust and other small materials that are still lying on floors and on surfaces. Construction creates a lot of small debris that can end up in a surprising number of places. You don’t want someone’s first experience of using a new space to involve getting sawdust on their hands, shoes, or clothes. In renovation projects, make sure to vacuum underneath furniture and appliances as well.

This is also a safety concern. The dust from certain materials can be unsafe for some people and even pets.


Details of Post Construction Cleaning

Make the space look as new as it is and remove any trace of the construction work. Every surface must be cleaned until it shines. This means cleaning and sanitizing countertops, tables, chairs, and other surfaces. All faucets, sinks, and plumbing installations should be sparkling.


disinfecting wipes for cleaning

Make sure to clean and buff all appliances until they shine. Flooring must be well cleaned since worker boots, dust, and other materials can cause scuffs and dirt buildup. Use powerful cleaners that are safe for the surfaces on which they are being used.

Carpets and upholstery can easily get inundated with dust. Therefore, clean flooring as soon as possible after the construction work is done. That way, that the particles won’t get ground into the fabrics and materials of the carpet and furniture.

Thoroughly clean every surface and get into every nook and cranny. It’s always a good idea to go over it again with a a clean cloth. Check for any fingerprints or smudges. Make sure everything is perfect for the first people to use the space. The key is not to take a shortcut in any space. Instead, clean all corners and get at things like baseboards, walls, and kick plates.

Your post construction cleaning isn’t done until all the details are cleaned.


Duct Cleaning

A lot of post construction cleaning involves dust and other small particles. This is because it can get into unusual spots and places you wouldn’t expect. These substances are also not something you would want to inhale. Especially for those who already have respiratory issues.

Ducts are prime places for dust to collect. When the HVAC system is activated after construction or renovation, dust can get blow throughout the building. The flying dust can put the health of any occupants at risk. It can also affect the efficiency of the HVAC system, which can lead to higher energy bills. Usually, a professional is needed for this job to have it done properly.

People and organizations spend a lot of money on construction, renovation, and remodeling projects. It’s important that the work done well and the space looks and feels great after the fact. Dirty final construction projects give a bad reputation to the builder and could result in less business down the line.

Make sure the post construction cleaning of any project is spotless and immaculate. That way, everyone who enters the new space will enjoy it and feel great about the finished product.

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