The Joys of Fall Gardening


The joys of fall gardening include planting bulbs, planting cool season vegetables, planting trees and shrubs, and getting the garden ready for the winter to come.

That’s because fall just happens to be a great time in the garden.

Even novice gardeners know that spring is a wonderful time for planting. Spring is Mother Nature’s season for rebirth, as new leaves emerge and flowers bloom. In Spring, every garden center is filled with annuals and perennials for planting. And seeds are sown for millions of backyard vegetable gardens.

But experienced gardeners know the joys of fall gardening. They know autumn is also a wonderful time for gardening. And especially for planting. The summer days have cooled down, and plants are growing roots to help them hunker down for the chilly winter weather.


a girl holds a basket of fresh radishes in a garden


Mike Lizotte is an experienced gardener. He is the managing partner of American Meadows, one of the top gardening companies in the United States. Mike is also known as “the seed man,” because he fell in love with garden seeds when he was still a boy.

Mike says this about planting in the fall:

“Autumn planting reduces the stress on new plants and newly sprouted seeds,” he says. “The lower temperatures in the fall create a wonderful opportunity for planting. In fact, this is when most wildflowers naturally drop their seeds. So, when you plant in the autumn, you are following the timetable established by Mother Nature herself.”


Let’s Plant Some Bulbs!

Autumn is the traditional time to plant bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth. These bulbs need a period of cold underground temperatures to get ready for blooming in the spring. In fact, without this “cold storage” period, these bulbs won’t bloom in the spring at all.

We’ve already written about spring bulbs here on Home, Garden and Homestead. Our story about Fall Planting for Spring Flowers tells you everything you need to know about how to plant spring-flowering bulbs. And our story called Planting Fall Bulbs Brings Colorful Spring Flowers highlights some of our favorite bulb varieties and collections with awesome photos.

So, we won’t get into the details here. Suffice it to say that we are big fans of spring flowers and the magical bulbs that make these flowers possible.


Fall Planting for Trees and Shrubs

The joys of fall gardening also include planting trees and shrubs. In fact, autumn the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. The soil is still warm, so plant roots can get established in their new location. That helps to ensure they can overwinter and come to life again in the spring.


planting trees is one of the joys of fall gardening


Nature Hills Nursery is the largest online seller of trees, and they have a wide variety of small trees that can fit in virtually any yard. These trees love to be planted in the fall when temperatures are cooler. Click here to see the selection of Small Trees at Nature Hills.


Wanna Grow Some Veggies?

Many edible plants for your vegetable garden also love the cooler temperatures of autumn. There’s even a name for these veggies. We call them “cool season” vegetables or cool season crops.

Some of the most delicious vegetable plants love growing in the fall. These include spinach, lettuce, radishes, asparagus, beets, Brussels sprouts, onions, peas, turnips, cabbage, broccoli, and more. Buy vegetable seeds here.

It’s OK to plant the seeds for these cool season crops while the weather is still hot. The cooler temperatures will be coming soon!


One More Thing

Autumn has its own special beauty. Sometimes being outside in the fall is a breathtaking, beautiful experience. The changing colors of deciduous trees is one of my personal joys of fall gardening. Seeing the leaves change from green to yellow, orange, and red is a delight.

As the French philosopher Albert Camus once said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” So, embrace the joys of fall gardening!


a woman uses a greenworks cordless electric blower


One annual task in the fall yard and garden is gathering the leaves that have fallen from the trees. Instead of raking them up the hard way, get yourself a quiet, eco-friendly cordless electric leaf blower. Our buying guide gives you all the details. Read Best Cordless Leaf Blowers



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