Tips for Visiting Open Houses 


Attending open houses is essential when you are looking to buy a home. Going to open houses can be intimidating. But visiting homes for sale is an extremely important part of deciding what house is right for you.

Open houses offer great opportunities to see what home features you like. Here are the tips for visiting open houses.


Have a Plan for the Open House

Our tips for visiting open houses begins with a plan. When you are house hunting, be sure to time-block your open house visits. If you find one open house you’re interested in, check for any other events happening in the same area, so you can view multiple homes in one day. For example, if you are searching for Memphis houses for sale , a quick Google search for open houses will give you quite a few in the area.


Follow the Open House Rules

If an open house is scheduled from 12 to 4 p.m., don’t show up at 11:30 a.m. and barge right in. Also, don’t arrive at 3:59 p.m. and expect to be welcomed for a leisurely tour.

At many open houses, you will be asked to show your ID and sign in. Although this seems like a way for the realtor to get your information, the main purpose is safety and security.

Also, if you bring your children to an open house, please keep them close to you at all times. And the last rule is this: don’t touch things that aren’t yours. You wouldn’t want someone in your house touching your things when you aren’t home, and courtesy works both ways.

a nicely furnished home den

Look at the Entire House

Now is the time for a thorough inspection. Walk through every room. See if the flow of the rooms fits your lifestyle. Is there enough room for your furniture? Do the kids have sufficient room for play?

Don’t forget to walk through the backyard. Make mental notes about how much outdoor landscape upkeep the house will require. Is there an outdoor space for entertaining? If you love growing vegetables, is there space for a kitchen garden?


Check Out the Neighbors

Our tips for visiting open houses includes checking out the neighborhood. When you buy a home, you’re also buying neighbors, too. Look carefully at the neighboring houses you might be living next to.

Check out every detail, especially if little things bother you. Is the landscaping kept neat and clean? Do they have pets or children? Are the dogs barking a lot? Is there unsightly trash lying around? How many cars are in the driveway?

If you do make an offer on the home, be sure to walk around the neighborhood. If you are comfortable talking with the neighbors, ask them some questions like what the neighborhood is like. You might also ask them if they know anything about the home you just toured. Is there anything they wish they had known about the neighborhood before they moved in?

Also, visit the neighborhood more than one. If possible, visit on different days and at different times, especially on weekends.


Discuss the House Later that Day

If you are buying a house with someone else, sit down together and discuss the houses you visited. Discuss your likes, dislikes, prices, neighborhood preferences, and everything else you consider important in your future home.

a realtor talks with a couple at an open house

Talk to the Realtor

Don’t be the person who just walks past that great resource standing right in front of them. Ask the realtor tons of questions! Ask the agent details about the house and the neighborhood. Also find out if the agent is local so you can find out what he or she likes best about the neighborhood and the community.

Get all the inside information you can! Find out about favorite restaurants, bars, brew pubs, gyms, coffee shops, and any hidden gems. You will be amazed at how much you will learn when you talk to the agent.

Be a good detective as you visit open houses, and your time will be well spent when you find your perfect home!

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