8 Easy Rustic Holiday Decor Ideas


Want to make some awesome rustic holiday decor? It’s easy to make, and it will give your home an old-fashioned feel for the holidays.

Whether you are planning a big holiday get-together or are enjoying a quieter holiday season, there is just nothing quite like rustic holiday decor to get you in the spirit! If you need some nice decor ideas that you can set up in a hurry, the 8 rustic holiday decor ideas below will do the trick.

Many of these timeless winter decor ideas are fitting all winter long, not just during the holidays.


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Favorite Rustic Holiday Decor Materials

One of the great things about rustic decor is how simple and cost-effective the materials are. Many can be foraged for free, or easily reused. Tree trimmings are often found for free at tree farms – all you have to do is ask.

Most of the ideas here can be made with the materials below. To make it easier for you to locate some of the materials and tools, we have included links to some of the products on Amazon. (Home Garden and Homestead receives a small commission from sales generated by these links. Thank you for supporting this website!)






Rustic Holiday Decor Ideas

DIY Wreath

Don’t discard the branches you have trimmed from your fresh-cut Christmas tree. With just a couple of other materials, you can use those branches to create your very own DIY holiday wreath!

homemade holiday Christmas wreath with a bow

Learn how to make your own wreath on our DIY Holiday Wreath tutorial post.


Glass Vase Centerpiece (w/pinecones and ornaments and lights)

A glass vase centerpiece is so quick and easy to make, it’s perfect if you have to jazz up your home in a hurry. Make one large decorative vase, or many that group together.

glass vase with pinecones and fairy lights

These look great as a centerpiece on your dining table, or on your fireplace mantle. You can also “dress them up” by adding red round ornaments!

Setup time: about 10 minutes


Outdoor Holiday Planter

With only a few foraged materials, you can turn unused summer planters into beautiful winter displays. The large branches of plants such as paper maple, aspen, birch and dogwood add structure that contrasts nicely with the textured evergreens.

a homemade rustic outdoor holiday planter

To make your outdoor holiday planter even more festive, add bows, berries and ornaments for a pop of seasonal color. Have garden pruners and a small saw on hand to cut your pieces to size as you go.

Setup time: ~40 minutes


a wrapped gift under a Christmas tree


Looking for the perfect gift for the gardeners

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Read our Gifts for Gardeners story!






Foraged Winter Bouquet

A smaller take on the outdoor holiday planter, a simple foraged holiday bouquet is easy to put together. Create one using foraged materials from your yard, mixed in with some eucalyptus. Or better yet: create a bouquet with the extra material from your outdoor holiday planter.

Setup time: ~15 minutes

This foraged winter bouquet features evergreen branches and pinecones


Don’t Forget the Holiday Plants

There’s nothing quite like elegant holiday plants to dress up your home. With just a little watering and upkeep, plants like amaryllis and poinsettias are easy to maintain throughout the season, while others like the Christmas cactus may need a little more care. All of the season’s most popular plants can live long after the holidays are over too. Learn more about keeping holiday plants healthy and beautiful all season long.


Rustic Candle Decor

There is something magical about candles, and that’s especially true during the Christmas season. Simple white cylinder-shaped  candles are easy to dress up for the holidays.

a candle decorated with burlap and a sprig of evergreen

Just use a strip of burlap and a sprig of pine or holly, tied together with twine. (Just make sure you do not leave the candles lit unattended, just to ensure no risk of fire).

Setup time: 5 minutes for a small group of candles


Rustic Holiday Decor Wood “Present” Signs

This is one of the most simple rustic holiday decor projects, perfect for a quick DIY afternoon! The reclaimed wood is easily found for free on Craigslist or even on your own property. Leave the wood as-is before adding the ribbon, or take your time to paint it a nice, distressed look. Either way, this quick project is great for an entryway (just make sure to sand down any splintery edges).

Setup time: ~40 minutes (plus additional time for staining or painting the wood)

rustic wood panels wrapped to look like Christmas presents


DIY Burlap Bow

The great thing about DIY bow making is how great they look just about anywhere. You can hang one on your door, on presents, on wreaths, or on stockings. Plus, you can save a lot of money by making your own vs. buying them at a store.

Use burlap ribbon for a nice rustic look, or any other ribbon you choose. Just keep in mind that the easiest ribbon to work with will be pliable and have some texture for better grip. DIY bows take some practice, so don’t get discouraged if your first few tries don’t come out the way you want. Just keep making them!

Check out our quick DIY Bow Tutorial Video on our Instagram profile to get a better idea of what they look like.

Setup time: ~3 minutes


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