Easy-to-Bake Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie


A delicious Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie is a variation on the classic lemon meringue pie.

If there is a Dessert Hall of Fame, surely the lemon meringue pie is inducted. It’s delicious. It looks great. And it’s not hard to make—it just looks like it would be hard to make. The lemon meringue pie is so awesome it even has its own Wikipedia page.

When you bake a lemon meringue pie, people are impressed. So, imagine the kudos you’ll get when you bake a Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie. Whoa! Your friends and family with think you just got back from a pastry-making class in Paris.

The list of ingredients is in the graphic below. I have also included a link to my video on YouTube that shows all the steps in making this delicious dessert.


Helpful Instructions for Making a Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie

When I make this Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie, I make it gluten free. So, I buy a gluten-free pie crust from the natural foods market. Feel free to use a regular pie crust if you would rather.

Start by pre-baking the gluten-free crust at 300 degrees F. for 20 minutes. Gently cover the crust with parchment paper and weigh it down with some dried beans before you put it in the oven. That keeps the crust from bubbling up.

The lemon and tangelo flavor comes from the juice and the zest of these citrus fruits. Zesting is easy. If you haven’t done it before, just scrape the peel of the fruit gently against a common cheese grater. Do this before cutting up the fruit to juice it. The peel will flake off into little pieces, while releasing the wonderful scent of the fruit.

Watch the Video

If you watch the video, you will see that I substituted Powdered Monk Fruit Sugar for regular sugar. This is a healthier alternative that’s more expensive, but I really like the taste.

In the video, you will also see that I actually zested more than 1 tablespoon each of the lemon zest and the tangelo zest. I used it all in my pie, and it turned out great. So, don’t be afraid to modify this or any other recipe to suit your own personal taste. That’s one of the things that makes cooking fun!

This Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie requires two separate tasks—creating a yummy citrus filling and a showy meringue top. Neither of these steps is difficult. But if you want to pretend that it is, I will keep your secret.


Here’s the recipe and instructions:

Recipe for Lemon Tangelo Meringue Pie


Here’s the video. Watch this before you make the pie!


Fun Fact: Did you know a tangelo is a fruit hybrid of a Citrus reticulata variety (such as a mandarin orange or a tangerine) and a Citrus maxima tree (such as a grapefruit or pomelo). The name “tangelo” is a morph of “tangerine” and “pomelo.”


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